Investigative Team Featuring Award-winning Journalist and Top Statistician Finds Evidence of Machine Tampering in Dem Primaries



A team headed by award-winning journalist Lulu Fries’dat, statistician Anselmo Sampietro, and professor Fritz Scheuren (100th President of the American Statistical Association) has found irregularities in the overwhelming majority of the twenty-one presidential primary states that they analyzed. Their data indicates, in particular, that the totals reported on the Democratic side in Madison Bumgarner Youth Jerseys the race between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders may not be correct. In state after state, independent examination by two nfl jackets giants separate analysts found suspect statistical patterns giving Clinton inflated percentages that, in all likelihood, are not fully based on actual votes, and showing Sanders with what appear to be artificially depressed totals.
Their current estimate of the overall difference between the reported totals and the expected statistical pattern is 12.82% of Authentic Rod Woodson Jerseys the primary votes. That estimate is based on 11 states where they had 2 analysts independently examine the results with identical findings. The estimate was reported in It is a significant difference that could have changed the outcome of the 2016 Democratic presidential primary.


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