1. Wikileaks Superhero Assange will likely come out with one or more bombshells against Hillary Clinton which will likely doom her campaign, such as:
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B. Revelations of Epic Corruptions of the Clinton Foundation
C. Hillary Selling Arms To ISIS, as Secretary of State
D. Assange has 100% accuracy with his released Genuine Authentic Leonard Williams Jerseys Documents


2. Roger Stone has some documents for his coming book, despite some of them being hacked and destroyed (including personal, business emails, bank Jon Gray Youth Jerseys accounts and work data) as soon as there were reports of him able to touch base with Assange through a Mutual Friend — as well reported in Facebook posts.

HOW TO FIGHT THE nfl jackets from china ELECTION STEAL
What you can do to stop Hillary placing nfl jackets australia herself in power

http://www.infowars.com/how-to-fight-the-election-steal/ 8-13-2016


Alex Jones and Roger Stone discuss how to stop Hillary Clinton from being able to steal the election from Donald Trump: