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A political website is offering a $1 million dollar bounty for a whistleblower to leak Hillary Clinton’s medical records.
After promising a $50,000 dollar reward for Clinton’s health history, has now upped its offer to a cool million.
“As calls for Clinton to release her own records have been ignored and even laughed off by her pompous campaign, True Authentic Alex Erickson Jerseys Pundit is now offering an unprecedented reward of $1 Million (One Million Dollars US) for Clinton’s true medical records,” states the website.

The website claims it has assembled a group of individual donors who are willing to put up the money to encourage the release of the records.
“A million dollars can buy you safety. It gives a would-be whistleblower some nfl jackets china ease,” asserts the Philadelphia-based outfit.
Questions over the presidential candidate’s health came under focus again yesterday after Clinton almost fell over after giving a speech in Scranton, Pennsylvania, forcing Joe Biden to hold her arm.
It was also revealed that an exhausted Hillary is taking off most weekends despite being in the midst of a political dogfight with Donald Trump.
Suspicions over Hillary’s health have been swirling all year but they picked up again at the start of Steven Stamkos Jerseys the month after our viral video spotlighted Clinton’s bizarre behavior while taking questions from reporters and at the DNC.
Whether the $1 million bounty is serious or merely a ploy for web traffic remains to be seen – it’s probably the latter – but the offer at least serves to illustrate the intense interest in nfl jackets cheap Hillary’s health despite the best efforts of the establishment media to dismiss the entire issue as a conspiracy theory.
As we documented, the media obsessed over John McCain’s health back in 2008, forcing the Arizona Senator to release his cheapest nfl jackets medical history, but the pro-Clinton press claims that questions over Hillary’s health in 2016 are merely part of the right-wing noise machine.


Hillary's Weird Behavior: The Cover-Up

Website Offers $1 Authentic Valtteri Filppula Jerseys Million Bounty For Hillary’s Medical Records

Whistleblowers urged to leak Clinton’s health history
Whistleblowers urged to leak Clinton’s health history
Paul Joseph Watson – AUGUST 16, 2016