HILLARY: Authentic Roger Staubach Jerseys WHAT DRUGS IS SHE ON?

We need a detailed, clear, and unbiased report on Hillary Clinton’s health and medical treatment

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Reports, speculations, rumors abound concerning the health of Hillary Clinton. Among them: she has Spud Webb Jerseys Parkinson’s.
Obviously, the situation would be clarified if Brandon Shell Jerseys we had access to a complete and unbiased analysis of her health and medical treatment. But how likely is that?
Meanwhile, if Hillary has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s, there are drugs that are routinely prescribed, and nfl jackets from qvc their adverse effects should be noted.
For example, the drug L-dopa. Here, from WebMD, are several side effects that would raise serious questions: aggressive behavior; altered china wholesale nfl jackets mental status; blood pressure drop upon standing; depression; mood changes; anxiety; confusion.
Another popular Parkinson’s drug is Sinemet. RX List mentions these adverse effects: lightheadedness; mental/mood changes; agitation; hallucinations; depression; thoughts of suicide.
With either drug, resulting depression could be treated with an SSRI antidepressant, such as Paxil. That drug also has adverse effects.