Huge Anomaly In ABC Live Poll!! Trump At 70%! Hillary 8%! Undeniable Proof!! Media Is A Fraud!!

Trump campaign sharpens its edge as election draws near 8-20-2016

Donald Trump             (70% = 101,215 Votes)
Gary Johnson               (11% = 16,188 Votes)
Jill Stein                        (11% = 15,260 Votes)
Hillary Clinton             (08% = 11,703 Votes)
TOTAL = 145,167 VOTES


ABC News has been running a live poll for a few weeks where you can vote for your pick for President. I have been following this poll webpage for the past few days and the Total voter count was over 200,000. This morning when I tried to go to the site I was redirected to a GoDaddy Ad page. ABC News has taken the page down! Surprise Surprise! With Trump showing a 70% margin and Hillary at 8% it proves without a doubt that the polling is rigged and we are all being lied to. You would expect that an Elite controlled ABC News live poll were be heavily Jorge Soler Youth Jerseys bias toward Hillary, but what we are seeing here is the truth. Trump is crushing Hillary in the polls. This must have been a Spencer Ware Jerseys huge mistake by ABC News, but before they could pull the site down the damage is Ryan Tannehill Womens Jerseys done. It is all rigged!

These numbers are more in line with cfl Jerseys winnipeg what we are seeing with the Trump rallies compared to the Hillary rallies . What is the difference between a Clinton Rally and a Trump Rally? About 20,000 energized supporters! cfl Jersey store The contrast is stunning! Hillary has a rally in a high school gym in Des Moines on student registration day and draws a crowd of 1000 people. Trump has a rally on the same night in Ft Lauderdale and fills The BB&T Center with 20,000 people where people get in line 12 lines early. Trump rallies have the energy of a rock concert. Hillary rallies are 500 students being told by their teachers to show up for extra credit. Yet we are Wholesale CFL Jerseys supposed to believe that Hillary has a 6-8 point lead in the polls. Really! How corrupt are the media and the pollsters! Now we know the truth. The video shows eyewitness account by TruNews that Hillary has trouble getting 1000 “supporters” to her rallies, whereas, Trump routinely draws over 20,000!