Trump vs. Clinton: John Hogue Predicts 2016 Presidential Election AUGUST 5, 2016

Trump vs. Clinton: John Hogue Predicts 2016 Presidential Election

Hogue writes on the subjects of the occult, parapsychology, mysticism and prophecy. He is considered a world authority on Nostradamus and is the best-selling author of numerous books, including Nostradamus: The Complete Prophecies and Nostradamus: The New Millennium, The Millennium Book of Prophecy, The Last Pope, and Messiahs: The Visions and Prophecies for the Second Coming. His work has brought him international acclaim. He has been published in 18 languages cheap stitched nfl patch Jerseys for cheap and sold over one million copies worldwide. In addition, he has appeared on over 700 radio and television shows on three continents.

John Hogue is author of 600 articles and 35 published books (1,170,000 copies sold) spanning 20 languages. He has predicted the winner of every US Presidential Election since 1968, giving him a remarkable 12 and 0 batting average. Hogue is a world-renowned expert on the prophecies of Nostradamus and other prophetic traditions. He claims to focus on interpreting the world’s ancient-to-modern prophets and prophecies with fresh eyes, seeking to connect readers with the shared and wholesale stitched nfl patch Jerseys 101 Artem Anisimov Youth Jerseys collective visions cheap stitched Joe Panik Jerseys nfl patch Jerseys pizza of terror, wonder and revelation about the future in a conversational narrative style. Hogue says the future is a Erik Gustafsson Jerseys temporal echo of actions initiated today. He strives to take readers “back to the present” empowering them to create a better destiny through accessing the untapped potentials of free will and meditation.